Friday, November 30, 2007

We begin

It is November 30th. That means that I am almost exactly 2 years overdue in starting this blog....which in turn means that Savannah is almost 2 years old and I have done a not-so-great job in chronicling her antics and adventures. But I must start somewhere, so I begin now.....

It's late, and I'm not going to attempt to write too much. I did want to mention how Savannah loves to help me empty the dishwasher. Every morning we wake up, I give her yogurt, and she sits at her Diego table. She places her animals just so on the chair beside her as she munches her Cheerios and yogurt in turn. About this time I usually decide it's a good time to empty the dishwasher. You should see her bolt from her chair make a beeline for it. Her favorite thing to unload is the silverware, but she is not allowed to do that anymore because of the nice little knives and forks that she could impale herself with. Instead, she manages to wrestle the plates out, and the plastic containers, and her sippy cups. She hands them to me one by one, and if I don't say "Thank you" quite fast enough for her taste, she prompts me.
"Tank you," she says in her little baby voice, for every single piece she gives me. She gets so much enjoyment out of helping me that I decided awhile back that it is well worth the extra time it takes me to do it. She only wants to be involved, and gets so excited to be a part. Of course, she gets Pooh Bear, Pluto, and whoever else might be around involved as well. She lays them on the dishwasher, in puddles of water and whatever else is might be lurking in there. Today she asked for a paper towel, (by pointing and saying, "Hands, hands"....I had no idea what she wanted at first) and then she proceeded to "wash" her hands in the puddle of water in the dishwasher, and then dry them on the paper towel. I'm pretty sure Pooh Bear got a bath in this manner as well.

Oh, yes....she is so much like me in her tastes as well. :( Not necessarily a good thing. You all know I much prefer salty snacks over sweet, and for this reason we do not buy chips. At all. The only time we have chips is when we go somewhere for a party or whatever. Well, tonight, a bunch of us girls had a makeup party over at T's house. J and Migs brought their kiddos over to our place, Ricardo made them hamburgers, and before I left I made spaghetti for the kids. When I came home tonight, Savannah smelled suspiciously of Doritos. I did not realize that Migs had brought a couple of bags along with him. So I quizzed Ricardo,

"Did Savannah and L eat any spaghetti?"

"Um, yeah. A little bit. But she really went after the chips. She kept saying, More, more...."

"And you just kept giving them to her?"

"Well, we had a bowl out on the table for the guys, and she knew where to find them..."

Oh well. Like I said we never have chips, so it's not going to kill her. She probably went crazy with them because she never has them. :) And she ate fairly healthy the rest of the day, with her oatmeal and Kashi cereal ( yes, the sticks and stones cereal!), and raw broccoli, and a little spinach, and fruit....

Wow, this is longer than I thought it would be. Didn't mean to go on so long. 'Night!