Friday, November 30, 2007

A Gray Friday

It is such a cozy kind of day today. I have things that I need to be doing but thought I'd take a little break. Savannah is sitting beside me on the couch getting ready to watch her Diego show. It is extremely overcast today, and the weather is lending itself nicely to the cozy feeling here in the house. The Christams tree lights and garland lights are on, and our little motorized ski slope is in full operation. Savannah insists on having the skiers on at all times while she's awake. I don't mind, but Ricardo turns it off the minute she is not around. It makes me laugh.
Anyway, today she had some leftover whole-wheat spaghetti and apples for lunch. Midway through her meal, she got up to look at the pictures on the refrigerator. She usually only asks for the pictures of J and T, Jamie, and Grandma and Grandpa, but today she spotted the picture of Larry, Monica, and the kids at the very top of the fridge. She pointed and jabbered with intensity until I got up and said, "Levi!" Levi is the one closest to her age so I guess she relates best to him. She got so excited, and said, "Hold, hold," until I took the picture down and let her have it. She pointed to each person in turn and I had to name them, and then she pointed out the window toward their house (they live just down the street). I could hardly believe it, but I think she really made the connection that they lived in the house just down the way. She can't see the house from the window, but she was definitely pointing in the right direction. We have been there several times, of course, but I never thought she would put two and two together. I thought it was pretty amazing.
Well, the Diego show is now on, so I'm going to get my coupons ready for grocery shopping tonight.