Saturday, May 23, 2009

Project 365, Week 21 - Mama's got a laptop...

1997. That was when I bought my very first, very own computer. I was in school, and I thought I was pretty snazzy when I lugged the huge and heavy PC back to my campus apartment and set it up. Seriously, it was a monster.

I got an AOL account, and was thrilled to death every time that metallic voice intoned, "You've got mail." Does AOL still exist? And does that little voice still talk like that?

My obsession with the internet had begun, never to return from whence it came.

I got married, and we went through a variety of used computers that all inevitably crashed, and work computers that we had to return when we left our places of employment. Finally we purchased a laptop of our own, nothing top of the line but good enough to get the job done.

Then we got high speed internet. And, oh, watch out, because my hubby? Well, he discovered the joys of surfing the internet. Before, when we had dial-up, my sweet impatient man did not care to wait around while a page took 45 seconds to load.

But with high speed? Suddenly a whole new world opened up to him. You Tube. Ebay Motors. Car sites where they played videos of loud cars going super fast. Videos of airplanes making scary landings, or motorcycle wipeouts, or other such things that I really couldn't care less about, because after all, being the avid (ok, maybe semi-avid) blogger that I was, I had much more important things to peruse.

But you see the problem, right? One computer. Two people. Mars and Venus orbiting in two totally separate internet galaxies, but forced to share.

We were sneaky. Cordial, but sneaky. Like, he would call me to do something while I was busy with my blog reading, and when I would get up to do it, he would comandeer the computer. And then I'd do it back to him.

But this week, that all came to an end. Take a look at this:

That's right. We are now the proud owners of two computers. His and hers. Mars and Venus. It was a necessary and perfectly legitimate business purchase, but my hubby is in You Tube heaven.

And you know I am joking about this, and making light of it, because sharing a computer with my man hardly constitutes a hardship. And I realize this. But I've gotta admit - it's still nice. And lest you think that we spend all our free time on our side-by-side computers, let me assure you that we actually do other things, too, like take walks and read to our daughter and water our flowers outside. Truly.

More pictures from the past few weeks -

Sara, thank you for hosting Project 365!

And a huge thank you to all of you who have given me such encouragement on my new blog design business. I appreciate it more than you know, and I've been having so much fun working on several new projects. If you know of anybody that needs a blog makeover, send them my way!
And has been cool and gray these past few days, and we have had rain. Lots of it, alternating between heavy downpours and gentle drizzles. I've loved every second of it.


Carpoolqueen said...

We went to separate but equal laptops several years ago.

For the sake of the marriage.

Rachelle said...

Yee Haw and Congrats on your new computer! So Fun! I can just see you hacking away on that new computer and the new blog business taking off! ;) As always Savannah looks like a doll...

Colored With Memories said...

good thing you've got pictures to prove your "other" activities! ha! enjoy the new laptop. my newby should arrive tuesday...i'm thrilled too! we've always had 2 computers b/c of jerry's job, but mine was a desktop, so unless jerry joined me up here, i was solo.

i'll be joining him on the couch come tuesday!

sara said...

I got my own laptop last summer...and I LOVE it!! One of the blessings of having a college lets them purchase one computer a year at wonderful discounts!!! :)

I with you on Jillian....wish she had gotten lost in the mail!!!

Love the picture of the storm clouds....beautiful!!!

who doesn't like Sonic?!!! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Lots of cold, gray days here too!

BUT, what I really wanted to comment about was your new computer. YAY!!!!!!!!!

We've had only one laptop forever, but J recently got a work laptop for a huge project he's working on. Makes me so happy to sit side by side with him in bed with a computer on our laps! ;)

Happy for you!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Lots of cold, gray days here too!

BUT, what I really wanted to comment about was your new computer. YAY!!!!!!!!!

We've had only one laptop forever, but J recently got a work laptop for a huge project he's working on. Makes me so happy to sit side by side with him in bed with a computer on our laps! ;)

Happy for you!

Carrie said...

LOL! It's sad that we've come to multiple computers in our household as well! hee hee! Dan got me one for Christmas! What a sweetheart! I LOVE your collages, so cute! We had a week of rain a little over a week ago, now it's hot and May! But we've been enjoying the outdoors...and you know IN, it could snow next week! Really! ha ha...but it's not in the forecast! Have a great weekend!

Kellie said...

I am with you....the keys to a happy marriage? His and her closets and computers!

Kodi said...

I recently purchased a mac book for school use. Good excuse to spend a small fortune on a machine right? Anyway, our desktop is ancient, and I'm thinking hubby deserves at least a cheap laptop of his own... but he LOVES the internet, and I'm afraid I might never see him again if he gets a laptop! :)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Well, you know your gonna need your own computer when your design business takes off!

Loved the pictures this week! The mountains were gorgeous! We don't see any of those around here!!

And hey, if it ever works out for you to come this way, my doors and arms are open to you and yours!

Amber said...

Woo Hoo!!! Hooray for his and hers computers!!!

Our favorite thing to do is sit side by side doing our computer thing. You'll really feel dorky when you starting chatting eachother when you are sitting 2 inches from eachother....not that I would know or anything.

And....are y'all eating ice cream?!?! Be still my heart.

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

You know there are fun ways to flirt with your significant other on the computer across the room. There is just something silly about my husband facebooking me from the other side of the room. Sad what we've come to!

Love the new site! Hope it brings you lots of fun and some extra $$. I might have to ask you a technical question or two soon!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

We bought my lap top about 6 months ago. I have been rather attached to it, but didn't think much of it until K brought home a drawing of his family - and wouldn't you believe that in amongst the stick figures labeled "mommy", "daddy", etc there was a rectangle by "mommy" labeled "computer".

Hmmm... Perhaps I spend too much time on it. :) Maybe.

Any way, so glad you have one now. :)

Dena said...

Thankfully my husband has zero interest in computers, so we don't have a need for two of there here.

Love the storm clouds and mountain pics. Gorgeous!!

Krystal said...

Congrats on the new laptop! We only have 2 because hubby needed one at work!

Love those pictures! Especially of the mountains! Wished I was there!

Have a great memorial day weekend!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I got my kids those $1 Sonic junior ice cream treats for my kids just this week so they wouldn't fall asleep in the car on the way home from a friend's house. I love dollar menus!

Yay for two computers!! I know how nice it is to finally get your own.

ttm said...

Seriously, is that ice cream AND candy Savannah is eating???!!!

Alana said...

Rich and I pass many an hour sitting in the same room on separate laptops! Congrats!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Blog hopped on over and I remember you!

Congrats on being a double computer family. I SO get it. And hopefully will in the next year or so :)

Lisa said...

Yay for your new computer! You'll be happy for it next year as you do taxes and can write it off as a business expense. Glad to hear you are working on several projects....hopefully they keep coming in!

Kim said...

Two laptops creates marital harmony. We're much nicer to each other now that we each have our own. LOL

Anonymous said...

I love that your blog is up in the photo. :)

Don't feel bad about the two laptops. We now have a laptop and a desktop and you'd think it was like we'd just gone on a second honeymoon! The other night I even facebook chatted with him, even though we were only a couple of feet apart. I don't know if that's silly or sad. :)

tirz said...

I remember well using your computer at CFNI to check my email and communicate with my family back in Africa!! Thanks again, by the way:-)I laughed out loud at your sneaky/cordial paragraph. We totally do that too. So funny!

Lois Lane II said...

Haha, too fun! I love the part about him comandeering your computer, lol!! I totally sympathize and am thrilled y'all now each have a laptop. ;)

Amanda said...

love it...and must admit...i'm a bit jealous...not only of your lack of need to share...but moreso of the fact that you aren't tied to a desk while computing! :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

You will love that new lap-top! ;) You won't even mind the rain.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just blog hopping tonight and enjoyed reading your blog...I am posting on our Disney trip so hope you will stop by. Also, the June giveaway starts today...all comments left in June will be in the drawing for the "June Card Box"! You will have to go down a few posts to read about the monthly giveaway.