Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Tea and Cucumbers

Tonight was our annual Ladies Christmas Tea at church. This is an evening where we spend hours and hours preparing a table and treats to share with guests that we have invited. And although no one would actually admit it out loud, everyone there is secretly hoping to have the prettiest table, the most scrumptious dishes, the most over-the-top presentation, etce etc. They have what they call a "parade of tables" after everyone has set up. Bear in mind that the tables are all in extremely close proximity to each other, and there are 40 or so tables in all. So you have approximately 300-400 women squeezing themselves amongst all of the tables, causing traffic jams as they make polite comments to each other about the color scheme of this table or the special delicacy at that one. All the while, I'm sure they are secretly breathing a little sigh of relief when they see a table that doesn't come close to the grandeur of their own. Yes, the spirit of competition reigns free on this night as we all fight to out-do each other.

On another note, we watched E for about an hour today. Savannah loves E, although she is still a bit young and doesn't realize that she has to be extra careful around him. They had a good time playing for about an hour. She loves it when he "chases" her. She will start in the living room and start giggling and running fast into the kitchen. He wonders what the commotion is all about and will start crawling at top speed after her. Well, she assumes he's chasing her and starts giggling and running even more. Then he gets excited and starts laughing as well, and it just escalates from there. She loves saying, "Oh no!" in a a dramatic fashion, as in, "Oh no, E is chasing me!" She loves having someone around to play with.

Random happening of the day: She ate about 15 slices of cucumber today for lunch. She had some other stuff as well, but she really went for the cucumbers. Oh! This is off the subject, but speaking of cucumbers reminded me. We occasionally go to Furrs to eat (Furrs is a cafeteria style restaurant similar to Gray's setup, but probably with lower quality food). Anyway....they had cucumber salad there once. I thought it was just fresh raw cucumbers, and so I asked for a portion for Savannah. When we got to our table, I tasted one and it had so much vinegary dressing on it that I didn't want to give it to Savannah. However, she had spotted them already and was demanding a piece. I did the only thing I could think of; I stuck it in my drinking water and rinsed it off. I think our waitress thought I was a little weird. In addition I chewed off the peeling all the way around the cucumber before handing it to her because I was afraid it might be a choking hazard. I think I embarrassed Ricardo a little bit. It is funny, but doing somewhat silly-looking things in public like this for Savannah doesn't bother me one bit. I guess it almost seems like having a child at your side gives you license to do things that would otherwise be considered as weird/unacceptable etc. I usually hate drawing attention to myself and will avoid doing anything abnormal at all costs, but when it comes to Savannah, it just doesn't matter anymore. I have no idea if what I just said makes sense, as it is after 1:00 a.m. and I need to go to bed. But it sounded good in my head! :)