Monday, December 10, 2007

Just a few things

I haven't been very inspired to write as of late, but I'll give it a shot tonight. Lots going on with the new business, we signed the official contract tonight and will be mailing it out in the morning. turning back now! :) We need to also complete the application for Guidant (the financial company helping us roll over our 401K). There is a slight hang-up with the company name, and so we need to get that ironed out before we can proceed with Guidant. Ah well. I knew there would be lots and lots to think about and do with this whole process and we've barely just begun, so we better get used to it!

Savannah has really been amazing me lately. It's as if someone flipped a little switch in her and suddenly she knows how to say things! Instead of just pointing and grunting all the time, and ultimately getting frustrated when I don't know what she wants, she is actually attempting to say what she wants. I am so pleased! This has cut down on the little fits she throws when I don't understand her. When she says a new word, I jump around like a crazy woman and make a huge deal out of it, and make her say it over and over, with which she is happy to oblige. New word for today....avocado. I was fixing her lunch, and I opened the fridge. She has a knack of sneaking in front of me when the door is opened and then perusing the contents of the fridge expectantly. There happened to be an avocado sitting at her eye level, and she pointed. I didn't think she could say "avocado" so I figured she was pointing to the blueberries next to it. "Do you want blueberries?"

"No, no, a-cow-cow," she said.

"Avocado? AVOCADO? Say it again! Say it again!"

"A-cow-cow!" (all proud of herself).

"Yay! You can say avocado!" I said as I jumped around and cheered and clapped. Then throughout the day, I would randomly have her say it again, just to hear it and also to reinforce the new word. It's a lot of fun. Other words of interest that she says now.....push, tush (these both sound so funny when she says it, I wish I could put an audio clip of her on here), peacock, NFL, splash, fall down, why, how, mess. Just a little sample. :)

I received in the mail the other day the Go-Go topper for her cake, otherwise known as Go Diego Go. I have a great vision for this cake, so we'll see how close to that vision the reality comes. I will have Jamie's help that day so that will be huge. I have not decided what to serve....I really think I will have my hands full with the cake and so am thinking that the easiest thing will be to pick up something and bring it in. If anyone has suggestions let me know. Ricardo took this picture of Savannah the other day and I think her expression is just so funny. Her eyes are always very expressive.

This one was taken a few weeks ago right after church.