Thursday, September 04, 2008

Buried in laundry and other things post-vacation

I'm back, and I have over 200 pictures that need to be downloaded. And edited. I would have done that today, except for some reason my hubby thinks it would be cool to have clean socks and underwear and jeans for the rest of the week. My hallway is now lined with baskets of clothes in varying degrees of cleanliness. Apparently part of being a good housekeeper is putting laundry before blogging.

And also, when Savannah asked for Cheerios today, I realized we were out of milk, and so I furtively splashed some water on them hoping she wouldn't notice.

She did. It was pretty unappetizing. So I had to go to the store.

I checked Google Reader earlier today and it pretty much exploded in my face. 220 new posts, and the only reason there were not more was because I cheated a little while I was in Indiana and read some here and there when the dial-up permitted. I have it down to 148 now, and am feeling a little overwhelmed.

So a real post is coming soon, with real pictures (although I'll spare you all 200...aren't you glad??) as soon as things settle down a little. I love going on vacation, but it's always a letdown trying to get back in the swing of things.

And also, let me just say Thank you Jesus for very understanding fellow airline passengers that sit in the same row as you and your squirmy little girl. Because it's stressful enough trying to entertain her without worrying that you're bothering the person on the other side of her. There were a few instances where she inadvertently kicked the kind gentleman that was engrossed in his book, and then on the flight back she dumped a cup of ice in her lap, and the sweet grandmother next to her was so concerned that she had gotten herself all wet.

But then they patted her on the head at the end and told her what a great job she did on such a long flight, and my mama's heart sighed a big ol' sigh of relief.


Smilingsal said...

And now, my comment is something else for you to read!

It's so hard for little ones to "behave" on a plane trip. Their little legs probably lose circulation.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I can't even tell you how much I love your for trying to splash some water on her cheerios!!! ...a mom after my own heart :)

Welcome home.

Jenn said...

Glad you had a great trip!

Wendi said...

Oh how I can relate! :) As one who just reached the other side of that daunting laundry pile etc. Let me tell you YOU CAN DO IT and it will feel amazing when you are done. :) My house looked like a true natural dissaster had passed through it for 2 whole days after we returned home. I was just so exhausted from adjusting to life back home and I was so intimidated by all of the putting away and cleaning that needed to be done.
it is now done an dmy house is cleaner than it has been in months!! I wish I could buz on over to your house and give you a hand at the de-vacationing process... :)

SarahHub said...

Welcome back!

The work left after a vacation is daunting. Just tackle it a little at a time!

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Glad you're back and sorry you have so much to read... :)

Thanks for the comment and no, they didn't have to wash the temp. tatoos off, we found shirts with long enough sleeves for church :)

Blessings From Above said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about your trip...

Elena said...

That's great you had a nice vacation and I look forward to your pictures and post about your trip. God bless, Elena

Colored With Memories said...

"My hallway is now lined with baskets of clothes in varying degrees of cleanliness."

I'd like to hear more about the "varying degrees of cleanliness"...can this get me out of doing some laundry?

Here it is either clean or dirty...I want to know if you have a trick?!?

Welcome back...can't wait to see some pics and hear how the trip back to your small home town went.

mamachristina said...

glad your'e back and can't wait to see some pictures. but no pressure!!

Erin K. said...

I think we're sort of in the same boat this week, except I got a week of sick instead of a week of vacation. (Not that I'm jealous, or anything.) :-D So, here's to catching up on laundry and grocery shopping and blogging!

I can't believe you were in Indy - you were only 3 hours away from me! And, I can't believe you grew up in central Illinois. I was born in Arthur, IL, but we moved to Indiana when I was one so I don't remember living there - I only remember going back for visits to my grandparents' farm.

Anyhoo... I hope you have a great day and are able to make it through the laundry pile!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who takes a zillion pictures! :)

ttm said...

So I just got caught up on all your blogs, I was feeling your pain while reading the post about the dial up, what with not having a computer at all.
Anyway, glad to hear Savannah did well, I'm sure she enjoyed her sucker!

Amanda said...

welcome back...glad to hear all went well. and don't you worry, we all understand if you are wee bit busy with laundry, grocering, and fact, i should be putting clean laundry away right now!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Water on cereal. Sounds like something I would have done.

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

Glad you're back! We'll have to chat sometime because if you're from where I think you're from we probably know at least one of the same people...wouldn't that be weird!!

Looking forward to pictures and stories!

BTW I have no blog decorating talent, go here and check out the free backrounds. It literally takes 5 minutes to fix it up! It took me ten times longer to choose the backround than to add it! Finally free cute blogs for dummies!

THE ROOST said...

Take time to recover, we will be waiting patiently to see all the pics! Glad your back safe and sound :0)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Welcome home! I finally had to clear my google reader...I was so behind and every time I'd make some headway, I'd log back in and see the number inching up again.

Hope you're back in the swing of things soon!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Don't you hate it when men insist on having clean underwear? They're so demanding.

Enjoy your reading!

jennifer said...

Welcome back!!!

I almost posted something today about the never-ending pile of laundry in my bedroom. After coming home from vacation, it becomes even more overwhelming.

I hate laundry. I hate treating it. I hate washing it. I hate drying it. I hate putting it away. I really hate putting it away.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

Good luck, My friend!

MoziEsmé said...

Glad you had a good seatmate on the plane! That always makes a huge difference in how I feel about traveling afterwards!

Best wishes on catching up with Google Reader!

Gretchen said...

Welcome Home, Jackie!!!

Go figure--a husband wanting clean clothes. What a hater. ;)

Cracking up at the cheerios with water. You were desperate. Not that I haven't been creative a time or two. I'm glad I"m not the only one.

Take your time getting into the swing of things. We'll be here.