Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little bloggy business

You've probably seen this meme floating around the blogosphere lately, the one on how blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively. The Roost tagged me for it last week, and it has definitely made me think.

So here goes...5 ways I have been affected by blogging. Some good, some bad.

1. I know this is everybody's story, and I'm sure I've said it before...but I really did start blogging just to have a place where my family could pop in and check on Savannah. I did not know what a blog was. I did not know that you could link up to all of these amazing ladies and writers and read all about their lives. So I just started up my little blog and wrote some positively awful stuff. Then one day I looked and...GASP...I had a comment. My heart beat a little faster and I felt nervous all of a sudden, because while I had been reading her blog, I had assumed that I was pretty anonymous, hiding behind the walls of my little house while putting out mediocre posts on a most inconsistent basis. I knew nothing about those stealthy little site trackers, and that this sweet commenter totally knew when I was visiting her. Yeah.

So, my point is, this opened up the door to this amazing community, to you. One in which I feel empathy for my blog friends, I pray for them, I stay up late at night tracking hurricanes because I am worried about the people that I "know" living in those areas, I cry tears of joy when something fantastic happens to one of them. This has been, by far, the best part of the whole blogging experience.

2. Ok, this is a negative one. Time management. Seriously, blogging is a huge commitment and it takes a big block of time. The writing portion of blogging is easily manageable; but when it comes to reading blogs, I really need to learn how to limit my time. The problem is, you all are so darn interesting and witty and insightful, that I cannot bear to see even 3 new posts in my reader without popping over to check them out. So I admit it...I am addicted. And that is not necessarily a good thing.

3. Sleep deprivation. Hmmm...this goes with the previous point, but my "me" time is late at night, after everyone else has gone to bed. I am a night owl by nature anyway, so it is easy for me to stay up way too late, reading or composing posts. Funny how at 2:00 in the morning, I am still bright-eyed, but when morning rolls around, I am kicking myself for not going to bed earlier. I'm working on this one too.

4. One of the best things I've gotten out of blogging is the fact that I am challenged on a regular basis. I truly believe that God has used some of you to speak to me right when I needed it most. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes I don't want to hear it, but there is no denying the fact that I have been encouraged and uplifted and, yes, chastised through reading what the Lord has been speaking to you.

5. While I don't really consider myself to be a writer, I do feel that my imagination and what speck of creativity I do possess has been stretched. Blogging is the perfect outlet for me to spill whatever thoughts I have swirling inside my head.

I am not tagging anyone, but feel free to play along, and let me know if you do so I can come and read it.

A few of you have been so kind as to give me a couple of awards in the past few weeks. Smiling Sally gave me this one:

From Mozi Esme :

And then both Mamjil and Kerry gave me this one:

And then today, a new friend, Tracy, bestowed this one upon me:

Ladies, you rock! Thank you so much for the awards, but more importantly, for stopping by here and for all the sweet comments you leave. It has been fun getting to know you.

And now, I pass on the Brilliante Award to Sarah at Tales from Oakbriar Farm. Because she is fun and funny and has a super cute daughter that I love to read about.

The Share the Magic Award is going to Mama Belle at the Bayou Belles and their Beau. Ya'll, if you have never visited Mama Belle, you should go on over. She is seriously funny and she doesn't hold back.

The I Love Your Blog Award goes to.....Jennifer at Love, Laughter, and Lyrics. I really do love this girl and her blog...she is one of my newest friends, and she is hilarious. And also has an adorable little girl and another sweet baby on the way.

And the I Love You this Much award goes to Wendi at Every Day Miracles. She is a sweetheart. Someday I am going to meet this girl and give her a big ol' hug.

Ok, one last thing...I have succumbed. I wasn't going to, but then I just got sucked in. See the little "follow me" box over on the right somewhere, with some of your sweet little faces underneath? Well, I'd love it if you added your sweet little face to the mix. So, follow me! Or not. I'll still love you either way.


Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I totally wouldn't need to do this meme, I think you I could just cut and paste your answers!!

The connection here is so amazing and totally not understood by those who don't blog. i think it's amazing that God has given us this world of Christian Mommy bloggers to connect to!

I vowed I was going to start going to bed at midnight....sigh.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Aww, so sweet! And I so relate with every thing you listed here. I still need to do this one some time. Mama Belle tagged me for this a while back, but I thought my answers would so be the same as hers that I haven't come up with any thing original yet. :) Love your answers! And love the thought of meeting and getting that big ol' hug. :)

Tracy said...

This was really neat. I think I may just have to "borrow" it. You said how I feel so I will have to think of some other things as well.

You do have a special writing gift and I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

jennifer said...

ohhhh!!!! My very first gift! I feel so special! I love you too my Bloggy Buddy!

Smilingsal said...

site trackers? I don't know anything about this? Please inform me.

Irritable Mother said...

Congrats on the fine awards, Jackie!
I fully agree with you on the friendships in the blogosphere. They're priceless.
Regarding #2, time management, this is what I do: I don't use Bloglines or any other "following" tool. And I don't (usually!) just hop around checking out blogs.
I used to do that, but quickly realized how much of my time that was eating up and I knew I needed to exercise some self-discipline.
Now I simply visit someone's blog after they leave a comment on mine.
It's the best thing I could think of to limit my computer time.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

1) Congratulations on all your awards! All of them much deserved!

2) I totally relate to your list, blogging is an amazing little thing isn't it ;)

DeeDee said...

Hey... Just added *me* to your following list. Come over and "follow" me too. I like this new feature.

Also, I agree with you about the blogs. I love the writing.. but can really get caught up in the time factor.

Colored With Memories said...

Congrats on all of your awards! You've got quite a collection now.

I could have written 1-5 myself. Especially the kick in the rear when I've stayed up too late! We'll get it down someday.

MoziEsmé said...

As everyone else has been saying, I can so relate to your list! I think mine would be about the same . . .

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Hee hee! You are so sweet...and totally deserving of the recognition!

I never dreamed that I would make such "real friends" out there either. I chuckled when you said you were up late tracking hurricanes, because I was totally there with you!

I really do feel like I "know" some of you, and I'm SOOO thankful!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Wow! You got a lot of awards.

Thanks for mine. I'll grab it and post about it later.

Lisa said...

You put it very well. There are definately good postives and bad negatives.

I'm not up to your speed, but I sure do enjoy what I am doing. I think blogging works especially well in the body of Christ because we are already sisters!

Lorie said...

I actually haven't seen this meme yet, but I think it is a great one! Thanks for sharing.

SarahHub said...

I, as usual, can totally relate to this post!

And THANK YOU for the award! It's my first.

Mom said...

You could certainly put me on your "follow me" box...I'm sure no one checks your blog as much as I do! :)

Kellie said...

I'm with you girl! THe reading of blogs is killing me! I am trying to get caught up (and comment) on three weeks worth of missed blogs! Not because i HAVE to, but because i WANT to. But the time it takes is something I am going to have to manage! Or nothing else will get done.

I am so glad that I found your blog! I love reading about you and your sweet daughter.

I thought about you as we passed through ALB!