Friday, April 24, 2009

A dream come true....sort of

I believe I've mentioned a time or twenty that at the very top of my wish list is a piano. Preferably a baby grand, black and shiny.

Never mind the fact that we have no room in our house for one....I'd make room. Couches in the living room? Who needs those?

But hubby maintains, and I know he's right, that it would just be too crowded even for an upright, so I sigh and agree with him, and continue to dream.

Today we went to Kohls to see what kind of clearance deals we could snag. Savannah and Ricardo headed straight for the toys, while I shopped in the lingerie section (which, let me tell you, was a huge, huge exercise in futility).

I'm wandering among the many aisles of undergarments, where there was plenty of selection, just none in the right color and size for me, when Ricardo and Savannah found me. He was toting a big box and sporting a huge smile, and he said, "Look what I found!"

It was a keyboard. I started to smile and scoff in that, "Yeah, right" way, because after all, we're at Kohls. Not the best known for their excellent selection of electroncis, you know? But then he told me the price; originally $100, but marked down to $9.99.

Right there in the lingerie deparment, he found a plug, knelt down on the floor, took it out of the box, plugged it in, and tested it out. Oh, how I wish I had my camera at that moment. And, oh how happy he was that I did not. He kept muttering, "I feel weird doing this over here..."

The keyboard worked. And unlike other super cheapy keyboards I've tried, on this one you could play actual chords, instead of just two warbly sounding notes at a time. A definite bonus.

So the keyboard came home with us. Savannah was in heaven.

Here's what the little beauty (ahem) looks like. Don't laugh - it's better than nothing.

Now if I can just ignore the fact that the label says "Spectrum" instead of "Steinway", we'll be in business. That, and the fact that the keys are super small, and when I go to play an octave, my fingers keep overshooting and the result is some majorly disonant sounds. And of course, no sustain pedal. I did mention it was $9.99, right?

Who says dreams don't come true?


Rachelle said...

$9.99! What a deal! I bet Savannah is going to love you teaching her how to play! Have fun! I hope one day we see you on the baby grand.... Happy Friday!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

Oh Jackie!! I was playing my piano just yesterday - and for some reason started thinking about you and what a wonderful piano player you are, and how I wished you could have a piano.

I loved this post. For so many reasons. First of all - $9.99! That is my kind of a sale! Amazing! I love that Ricardo plugged it in right there. I love that you will be able to fill your home with beautiful music. I completely believe that it will be very beautiful. No matter what the label says!

Hmmm... now I am forming my own "Dream coming true post" in my head. Because you inspire me. :)

Also makes me think of another really cool dream that will probably come true in a month or so... :) Involving some java and chatting...

Lisa said...

Yay, I'm so happy for you. It is what it is, but it is SO better than nothing and its a START. Maybe you and Savannah can do a video concert for us soon??

Carrie said...

hee hee...I love that your husband was thinking of you and was so excited to share it with you...wherever!

That's awesome! This is only the beginning! Some day there could be a great deal on that baby grand somewhere...maybe not at Kohls!

Thanks for your sweet comments on Emily...believe me, I was tearing up inside when I was watching her! I could've really let go, but I didn't want to embarrass Alex! I get emotional that way! They grow up too fast...and I love how sweet she is right now! :)

Carpoolqueen said...

Husband ROCKS for slaying the beast and dragging it over to present it to you. Seriously ROCKS.

I, too, have always wanted a piano. When my grandparents died (within 6 weeks of each other), my dad found some savings bonds they had purchased for me. I cashed them and bought a piano.

It has been a lasting reminder of them, and it's (usually) a delight to hear my children play on it.

Anonymous said...

That's great, I'm so happy for you! Now will you make sure to record yourself playing again so that we all can hear?! :)

Tracy's Porch said...

This is so great! hopefully we will be able to hear you play at some point!

sara said...

ok, so I am expecting a concert video soon!!! those are fun findings and even tho it's not "exactly" what you had hoped, how fun that you family was watching out for you!!! so sweet!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

I so wish you could have the piano of your dreams. Someday I am going to hear you play and I'll just sit back, close my eyes and enjoy!

Lois Lane II said...

WOW, $10??? That's awesome!!! Good find!

Gretchen said...

I love your husband. In the most appropriate way, of course. :)

At least you found something on sale that worked out. I don't lurve shopping for lingerie anyway, and when nothing in my size fits and/or it's not on sale.'s a bummer.

But Kohls...what a magical place.

Anonymous said...

Yay for you! What a sweet man you have. And $9.99 is the stuff dreams are made of. :)

Hope you get that baby grand one day! You should post a video of you playing for those of us that can't even identify the middle C key. :)

Krystal said...

WOW! You got a great deal on it! Don't you just love those kind of deals!

Now, we will be waiting on a video post of you playing! And Savannah dancing her heart away!

Have a great weekend!

By the way, we bought a video camera yesterday! Can't wait to try it out so I can post video post! You may have to help me figure out how to upload it to the blog!

Sara@i.Sass said...

The things you can find at I take that back not things, the DEALS you can find at Kohls.
That Hubby of yours is a genius trying it out in the should have moved to the center aisle and came them all a show! We all have had a taste of that talent!
So happy for you.
Concert soon?

The Fritz Facts said...

I love Kohl's for that reason. You can always find something you never thought you would find. How cool!

Jamie said...

What a deal! How about a little video clip of you playing your new 'piano' for us? I wish I could play...I have a piano but I can't play, not that I have tried to learn or anything.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

Makes me want to go check my Kohls!
I too would love a piano~of any kind~get we also have no place for it to go.

Aspiemom said...

Your husband is so sweet!!!

For a while I was trying to connect the piano to the lingerie. It just wasn't working for me!

Glad you can finally play some tunes!

Amber said...

You had me at "clearance."

And how sweet is the husband?! Major points!!!

Play your heart out, girl!

Monica said...

Beautiful story! I love how your kids found it for you!

SarahHub said...

Who says you can't buy happiness? Looks like it costs less than $10. Enjoy!

ttm said...

Woo hoo! We want to come over for a concert! Good job Ricardo!

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

This reminds me of the first time I visited back at the first "I See What You are Saying." I so enjoyed hereing you play! I hope you have fun with your little keyboard.

Gotta Love Kohl's!

jennifer said...

how cool! that is a great deal! maybe one day you'll get that baby grand. A girl has to dream..

To answer your question: yes. Sanguine isn't my primary...maybe there is a little bit in there somewhere.

The funny thing is that I think MOST people would guess that I'm total Sanguine. I think that I've just learned to push out the more outgoing aspects of my personality through the course of our years in the ministry. Being friendly, inclusive, and welcoming is a super important part of being the "minister's wife". I also think maturity, years of experience, and self-acceptance have helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin. Less intimidated, and more free release my inner goof-ball.

Know what I mean?

long answer. :-)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Love this story! Hope you are enjoying it.

My husband plays the piano and I just love to listen to him playing.

Colored With Memories said...

now you won't have to play at costco anymore! ;)

i think that was a GREAT deal. so glad for you.

you're putting me to shame. we have an old upright here...been in the family forever...late 1880's i think. anyway, way out of tune and no one plays it. so sad.

anyway my sis recently got a bigger place and is going to give it a new home.

RosyRose said...

Such a great story!
I love that he plugged that sucker in right in the underware aisle!
So classy!:)!!!
LOVE my piano! I didn't know you played!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh, Jackie...that is such a sweet story. I love that your husband was excited to buy it for you, so excited that he plugged it in and tried it the lingerie department.

One day, I just know he will thrill at giving you the desire of your heart! Until then, make some merry music on your steal of a deal!