Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The giveaway where I make you work

I am on a plane today with Savannah, flying to what might possibly be the very smallest town in existence in Missouri, visiting my grandparents. My hubby is back home holding down the fort and probably reveling in the fact that he will be eating bachelor food for the next few nights. I believe that frozen pizza and chili dogs and hamburgers are the only things on the menu. Nary a spinach leaf in sight.

So, today is my 200th post! Honestly, I hadn't planned on doing anything about it initially. It has taken me so long to get to this point that it's almost embarrassing.

But I do love to do a giveaway. And, as I alluded to in my last post, I am in need of your help. So I am combining the two in a sneaky effort to pull out some creative ideas from you, my invisible friends.

So here's the deal:

I am in the midst of deciding whether or not to start a little blog design business. I've played with it the past several months, and have done several for friends. And I love it (I actually love figuring out the code more than the design part - how's that for exposing my inner geek?). Some of the girls I've helped out have really encouraged me to jump in and just do it; I am still vacillating.

But regardless of whether I actually start it for profit, or whether I keep doing freebies, I'd like to set up a separate page. And to do this I need a name.

And I have not a clue what I want to name it.

So this is where you all come in. I know some of you are far more creative than I am, so I need your suggestions!

Now, the good part - what's in it for you?

Well. I haven't quite figured all of that out yet. It will be several different things, but the main thing that I know you will be interested in is a $20 gift card.

I was going to purchase one to Starbucks, but it has come to my attention that not all of you are Starbucks aficionados. So I'll give the winner a choice; Starbucks, Target, Sonic, or...let's say Chik-fil-A. Because that's what sounds good to me right now, and it will give me an excuse to drive to the one that is completely on the other side of town.

To be entered, you have to leave a suggestion for the name of the blog design business. It can be anything; trust me, there are no ideas that are too silly. I won't laugh at you. At least not any harder than I did at my hubby when he suggested "Jericho"; he came up with that one right after he finished doing some Bible study in Joshua. To be fair, he scoffed with equal fervor at my suggestion of "Sweet Savannah Designs".

You can see why I'm turning to you.

As for picking the winner, the following extremely random steps will apply; if my hubby and I agree on one that we love, that person will be declared the winner. If for some reason we cannot agree, I will do a random drawing.

I am moderating comments on this post since I'll be gone. And I cannot wait to come back and see what you all have thrown out there.

Thanks for helping a sister out!


Kodi said...

What about Creative Moments? It plays on your current blog title?

I don't know. It's too early.

Carpoolqueen said...

How about Momentous Design?

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

My computer battery died while I was leaving a comment and I'm not sure if it had sent yet or not - so I apologize if this is a repeat of a comment I already left, only worded slightly differently due to not remembering exactly what I had said previously. (Run.on.sentence.queen!)

Okay, so I often pride myself in my creative side. Not so today. All I can come up with is "Moments and Memories designs" I know, I know... So unoriginal!! :) My thought on that was that you are already some what known through out the blog world and people know you by your blog name. Therefore, they would know the blog design you as the blog writer you. :)

I'm sure your lovely blog readers can come up with something far more creative, witty, catchy, and cute. :)

I look forward to seeing their ideas!

And I am just thrilled that you are doing this! You do beautiful work! You really do. I am super impressed with your code reading abilities!!

Oh - and I just got your email and seriously said "No way! You have got to be kidding me!" - out loud at least twice. :)

Didn't know we could have more in common...ends up we can. :)

Can.not.wait to see you!! :)

Gretchen said...

thinking on this and will be back.

Have fun on your trip!

Did you call me an invisible friend? Is that like saying I'm really thin? Because I like the sound of that. ;)

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Okay, I'm not feeling too creative today, but I'll give it a whirl! I got a little inspiration from the poem at the bottom of your blog...

"Bright Image Designs"

I think you would be great at this! You have so willingly helped me with all of my questions and I am so thankful for all your help. I will be praying that the Lord will help you to know if this is something you should pursue or not.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

If you only knew how hard it was to come up with a simple blog name for me~it's a story believe me!

I have no great imagination for naming things like this!

I would suggest the very basic "Designs by Jackie".

Anonymous said...

Well, I was trying to think of something that started with a J but I'm having trouble, so my suggestion is Just Gorgeous Designs by Jackie. I know, lame. I'm horrible at titles. I make Kristen title all my submissions for Exemplify. :)

Rachel @ Unexpected Blessings said...

Okay, so I have been thinking for all of 10 minutes. Am I allowed to make more than one suggestion? My current idea is "Creative Codes" because you said you enjoy the code part so much. I will keep thinking.

As for the prize, I have never been to Starbucks. I am not a coffee drinker so I have never seen the need. If I won a Starbucks card I would go. But $20 seems like alot for a beginner. I have also never been to Chik-fil-A! They are a southern thing. I have always wanted to go to one but the only time I was close enough to go it was a Sunday! I love Sonic and although they play commercials ALL THE TIME in my city the nearest one is 1 1/2 hours away!!! But I would LOVE a Target card! I was just there this morning looking at purses.

I hope you come up with the perfect name!

Sara@i.Sass said...

I think that naming things is personal.I was sad when I had to let Butterville go...but I LOVE my blog name now. Before it was just Ok. I DO really like Sweet Savanah Designs. It could be a plcae where your from but instead it's named for your sweet inspiration.
How about Savy Sweet. I wanted to open a gift shop, but really don't want THAT responsibility...but I would have named it ButterRoo...after my kiddos. Good Luck. (Oh, and we in the north don't have Chick fil a...and Sonic is VERY limited...just FYI)

Heather of the EO said...

OK, I'm SO bad at this sort of thing, but I wanted to say that I'm so glad you're going to do this. And bummed that I just hired someone else! I should have waited :)

Maybe a play off of your blog name? But I don't know what. Obviously I'm winning no $20 gift cards :)

Amber said...

Life's Journeys by Jackie


Bee Bopping Around Blog Land


Blog Blooming


Blooming Blogs


I Really Want My Good Buddy Amber To Have $20 To Buy Pineapple Diet Dr. Peppers At Sonic So I Named This Blog After Her

(I'd go with the last one! *wink*)
(Congrats on the possible new business venture!)
(I'm going to be hitting you up for some buttons! I had no idea you could speak code. Awesome!)
(Be safe on your trip.)
(That's enough parenthesis for one comment!)

Rachelle said...

How about Your Moments, Your Memories

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

This is hard. I like the "Sweet Savannah Designs" or something with Savannah in it. Remember the movie, "Savannah Smiles?" Something like that ... "Savannah Style" maybe. I don't know. Too hard.

Kodi said...

oOOOh I thought of a much better one.

Your Moments, Your Memories

Much better play on your current blog title, right?

PS. What is the charge for this? My blog is SAD looking.

H-Mama said...

hmmmm... i will have to digest this for a while...

however, i just gave you an award! come check it out when you get a chance...

Growin' with it! said...

zero comments? it's 20 bucks people!!! ehehehe. so, seriously...i have been thinking about this one and so far, i've got nuthin'. but you've got some great incentive going on here girl!

Growin' with it! said...

umm, now i see why there are "no" comments. sheesh. you probably have like 50 and i'm the only lame one who comes here thinking she's got a cool catchy name but really doesn't!

Lois Lane II said...

Caramel Creativity
(because you like caramel macchiatos, lol!)

Bloggy Memories

Jackie's Jazzy Designs


The Sullivan Sitcom said...

Boy, you're makin this hard...I'll have to take some time and think...I'll be back! BTW, Have a great little trip!

RosyRose said...

seriously? I'm first?
Well, first of all congrats on your 200th post! You are one of my favorite blogs! I love your writing! So fun to read:)!
I love to come up with names for things...
Like I love the name, Fusion...a blending together of different designs, peoples or idea's.
Good luck! I hope you find your name and stride:)! You are awesome!

Jamie said...

Oh, I wish I could help you out, but I'm not so good in the blog naming department. I've been trying to think of a new name for my blog for months now. I'd probably go with something like 'The Design Girl'...creative, huh?

So, when you start up this new little business, how about being a bloggy consultant? You could help people like me who need a new blog look along with a new blog name:)

Looking forward to seeing what you decide on.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Meet Me in Savannah came to mind.

But I don't want a gift card. I want a new blog!!!

I like Savannah Styles. Yeah! I like that. Easy to remember and cute and Southern sounding.

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

My brain is in way too much of a fog for this contest, but I wanted to thank you for the sweet comment and hope you've had a good trip to Missouri!

Juice said...

I think Your Moments, Your Memories is a keeper. Just bummed I didn't think of it myself! Or how about Moments and Memories?

Alana said...

Studio of Memories Design

Studio of Memories

Designing Memories

Designing Moments

(Your Monogram) Studio Design

I also like Momentous Design...that someone else said already!

And just for the record...I like Sweet Savannah Design(s)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

I think what Missy mentioned, Savannah Styles is super cute. Otherwise, what about RJS Designs with a tagline Your Moments, Your Memories.

Okay, I'm terribly not creative right now. I like some of the ideas others have thrown out.

I'm excited for you and your possible new venture!

StephieAnne said...

"Imagination Designs" - based on the Sylvia Plath quote - not so good at titles either......

Hope your get-away was great!

Aspiemom said...

"Suggestions of Savannah"

"Distinctive Designs"

"Savannah Savvy"

jennifer said...

hot bliggity blog


blog your heart out

sweet and savvy blogs

savvy blog designs

Carolina Mama said...

Hi Jackie! I was just stopping by checking out everyone on my Blog Roll tonight. And wondering how ya'll are doing.

First, love your keyboard! So sweet. You will get your Grand too one day. :)

As for name, I do like the Your Moment, Your Memories and I see several others do too.

Let me know either way. I think you are in business girl. :)

Have a fun trip!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

I am SO sorry I am brain dead (comes with being 50) and cannot think of a name for you BUT I think you would be great at this! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

If someone already suggest this, forgive me, but I really just like "Moments". Or maybe Moments Design. Or Designing Memories. Memories by Design.

I don't know.

What I do know is that I think you're awesome for figuring out html code and actually loving it. And for thinking about a business!

Oh, congrats on 200 posts! I love your blog!

Marci @Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I was not creative and witty enough myself to come up with anything that has not been covered! Savannah Styles was actually the first thing that popped into my mind but I see Missy tossed that one into the ring. I also really like Your Moments, Your Memories. Good luck!

I always wanted to call something "whimsy" don't know why!

hmmm..."Designs at Savannah's Whimsy" If I stay up later maybe I'll get more creative!

Colored With Memories said...

i think something to do w/the desert where you'll be working from...

desert designs

designs from the desert

here's a name of a little card store that rachelle used to work at....long ago closed...

springs in the desert.

a savannah in the desert. well has run dry!