Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leaping walls in a single bound...not one of my superpowers

It was a Friday, and Savannah and I were at home by ourselves. Ricardo had just left for the evening, and we weren't expecting him to be back for a couple of hours.

I usually do whatever watering and light yard work that needs to be done in the evening when it is much cooler, so I headed outside to get started. One of Savannah's favorite shows was on, and she begged to stay inside and watch it. The air conditioner was running, so I closed the sliding glass door behind me, but I was still able to see her from where I was.

I was watering my snapdragons, marveling that they were still (somewhat) alive and kicking, and thinking how fortuitous it was that The Garden Party at The Preachers Wife was held at the beginning of June. Back when my flowers were in full bloom, not droopy and parched and begging for relief from the desert heat. Such were the thoughts running through my head.


I heard it from behind me, and I whirled around, suspicious. Because there absolutely shouldn't have been a click coming from behind me. Savannah stood on the other side of the sliding door, grinning at me and looking completely innocent. You know the look...the angelic face that dares you to imagine that any wrongdoing has taken place. The look that calls for investigation. I marched over to open the door.

And...I was met with resistance.

She had locked me out.

Problem was, I wasn't positive that she knew what she had done. Which meant that she might not be able to unlock it and let me back in. I indulged in a moment of sheer panic as I envisioned all of the chaos that could ensue now that she was virtually unsupervised.

So I tried to talk to her calmly. Savannah. Look. See this lock? Ok, just push it up. Like this! See? Push it, ok?

She giggled and ran away. More panic. When is Ricardo supposed to be back, anyway? Yeah. Great. He just left. He won't be home for at least a few more hours.

She came back to the door. I abandoned my calm and instructive tone in favor of one that was tinged with undisguised alarm. I pleaded and cajoled and threatened. And she literally stood there and laughed at me. Which sort of ticked me off, because then I thought that maybe she really did know what she was doing, and was getting a big kick out of it. Exactly how much of this fun little scenario can a two year old understand, anyway? (Rhetorical question, folks. I KNOW they know way more than we know they know).

I calmed down enough to remember that we have a keypad to our garage, and that I could let myself in that way. If I could get to the front yard, that is. Our wall is about chest high on me, and I am neither lithe nor athletic. And hopping over walls...yeah, that's something I generally avoid doing.

But I had no choice. I marched bravely to the wall, planted my hands on top and gave a mighty heave. So mighty that my toes barely left the ground. Ahem. Clearly, I would need assistance.

There was a bucket nearby that looked flimsy and wobbly, but I upended it and hoped for the best. You had better believe that I took a furtive glance around before I hoisted myself up in a tremendously unsteady manner. It would just be my luck that the neighbor would happen by right then. But no, the coast was clear, and so with much exertion, I managed to make it to the top and then crash in a most ungraceful fashion into the gravel below.

I burst into the house, frazzled and ready to let Savannah have a piece of my mind. But again...that whole question of was she trying to? Was she just playing and didn't know what was going on? I really only try to discipline if I know that she has clearly recognized what is being asked of her, but deliberately chooses not to obey.

So instead she got a thorough lesson on how to unlock the sliding glass door. Just in case. So that Mama doesn't have to go hauling herself over the concrete wall again anytime soon.


THE ROOST said...

Girl, I am worn out and my heart racing from reading that :) Isn't amazing what they dream up! Glad it ended with you saving the day!

ttm said...

I am laughing so hard right now! Glad you got back into the house!

Anonymous said...

I can't pull myself up on a wall either. You are not alone.

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

Sneaky little sweeties, aren't they?

Amanda said...

loving this post. i can remember when elizabeth (who was about 16 months old at the time) "accidentally" locked me out of the house one afternoon. yep...locked the entry door from the garage to the house...and, of course, my cell phone and everything else was IN the house...i ran across the street to use the neighbor's phone quickly to call the hubs and have him come home to let me in. the high school kid across the street looked at me like i was a lunatic when i told him what had happened..."umm..isn't your daughter a'd she lock you out?" it was crazy!

Tracey said...

Since my dog locked me out of the house...I now keep an extra key outside!!!

Wendi said...

You are a writer my friend! This story was captivating! :) I had a very similar situation when Jay was 2, but I was able to talk him throguh letting me back in. :)

Genny said...

I know that wasn't funny at the time, but that's one memory you'll never forget!

Carolina Mama said...

You did great. A lesson is always in good order. But it all is kinda funny.

We once called the Fire Dept. when the twins locked up out. That worked except they sent 3 trucks and a couple of police cars. The twins were 2 1/2. Wildness. And yes a lifetime memory!

Kellie said...

Oh No! At least now you know you can scale a block wall!


Becky said...

Oh, you so bring back memories!!!
My little Jman locked me out when he was but 19 months old!!! As I swept the back patio, preparing for a realtor to come show our house that was on the market! Hubby playing golf...would be gone hours...far away....
Not sure how long until the showing! Was worried the baby would get into something!! Thankfully, I had dressed b/c I considered sweeping in my pj's!!!
I did get in....throught he realtor lock box when she got there!!

Anonymous said...

I have been there with my two oldest and I am waiting on #3 to do it!!!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh my, so funny. This happened to me the other day, except my oldest who is 3, does know how to unlock the door and knew she better, or else. :)

Gretchen said...

Oh! Memories! I accidentally locked a baby and a 21/2 year old in my minivan by giving my baby the keys (with remote) to hold while I was unloading the cart in to the car from WalMart. Yeah, you guessed it--she pressed the button and momma was locked out! On a mid-70s day. Thankfully it wasn't hotter. After bothering the entire staff at walmart, it was no use. So...a hook and ladder fire truck had to come and unlock my car. I had to undergo brief questioning re: whether I was trying to smother my kids, and then I forced juice bags into them so fast just the beginnings of dehydration had set in during our 15 minute ordeal. Yeah...parenting's not for sissies.

I'm so glad you're okay and that Savannah is now a skilled door unlocker. ;)

Jodie said...

You're a great story-teller. :)
This really made me laugh. And panic. :)