Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to impress

Our church had a Volunteer Appreciation Open House after the service this morning. It was a time for the pastors to mingle with everybody, shake hands, and say thanks for all you do.

And a time for us to get free breakfast burritos. We never turn down free food, so we headed over.

We were making our way towards the food when Pastor Steve, the senior pastor, intercepted us. He is the sweetest man you could ever hope to meet, the kind of guy that you don't have to pretend with, he is just real and genuine. He was all smiles and said some nice things to me and Ricardo.

Then he turned to Savannah, who wasn't being particularly social at that exact moment.

He said the usual, so cute, getting so big, whatever. And we said, Say hi, Savannah!

She turned to look at him and plugged her thumb in her mouth. And then plugged her index finger in her nose.

It was extremely tasteful.

Ricardo made a quick move and swiped her hand away from her face. Being two and all, this did not deter her. This time she skipped the thumb-in-the-mouth and just buried her finger back in her nose.

It's a little hard to encourage conversation between your daughter and the senior pastor when she has her finger almost touching her brain.

Like I said, Pastor Steve is just a sweet man who totally overlooks things like this. He smiled at her gently, commented that kids just do some really awesome and amazing things, and moved on.

Lessons in etiquette - coming right up.