Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring in the Land of Enchantment

I am so homesick for green right now. As in, green trees, green grass, anything but blowing dust and tumbleweeds. I love the mild weather here, and am so excited that it's spring, but it makes me sad when I see the tiny little plot of grass that we put in our backyard last year. Sure, it's better than nothing, but we have to water it every single day, sometimes twice a day, in order for it to stay alive through the summer.

Here is a shot of our little backyard (it looks better in the summer, I promise...it hasn't turned green yet).

Here is a shot of Dad and Mom's yard (go ahead and ignore the fact that there is a wedding party in the foreground and just concentrate on the yard).

See what I mean? That is a real yard.

We have a little nectarine tree, which provided us with a little pop of color this spring.

And our little violets, which started peeking out of the ground in late January.

Happy Spring, everybody!