Monday, April 14, 2008

Torture in the form of....chocolate

I was full of energy today as I jumped on the treadmill after putting Savannah down for a nap. I turned on the TV, and lo and behold I found a rerun of The Biggest Loser. Perfect! What could be more inspirational during a workout than watching people lose tons of weight? I was ready to go.

Break for commercial.

Something called Hersheys Bliss. Chocolate. Because, really, what other commercial will do the trick during a weight-loss show?

Bite sized pieces of chocolatey goodness in cute little foil wrappers. A tall, slender, beautiful woman lounging gracefully in a hammock while slowly indulging in a piece of pure pleasure. Happy children skipping around her, a breeze wafting through her hair. Delightfulness all around.

Right. It was enough to make me jump off the treadmill and run for my secret stash of chocolate.

Not that I have one. I'm just saying....if I did.


Jenny said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments at my blog! This is a hilarious post... soooo so true. And, I must say, aren't you GLAD you didn't have a secret stash of chocolate??!! My idea is that if I can have self-control at the grocery store, I'm good to go at home when I have those cravings... :)
Nice to meet you!