Thursday, April 17, 2008

Definition of Notice (v) - 1: to give notice of (or) 2: to comment upon

Last November my friend Tara had a "girls night out" makeup party at her house. Her cousin is a professional MAC makeup artist, and she was there to instruct us and show us some different techniques. We all decided we wanted to learn how to do a smoky eye.

We spent the next few hours dabbling in different colors of base application, contrasting shadows, liners, and mascara. Then we all oohed and aahed over each other, and gathered around to take pictures of our newly acquired beauty. It was quite obvious, to my way of thinking, that we all looked completely different than we normally did. Dark, bold eyes. Colors that we didn't usually wear. The smokiness of our eyes was readily apparent.

I went home that evening, wondering what Ricardo was going to say. Wondering if he would like it, hate it, think that it was all too much.

The answer was none of the above.

He didn't even notice.

I walked in the house, fully expecting him to have some sort of comment. I kissed Ricardo and Savannah hello. And waitied. No acknowlegement. We chatted, got Savannah ready for bed, prayed with her, put her to bed, started getting ready for bed ourselves. Still nothing.

I was mildy annoyed. I could have drawn attention to it myself and said, Hey! Whatcha think about my new look? But I didn't. So he didn't.

For my birthday in December, my wonderful friends had given me a MAC gift card, which I was so excited about. Today I realized that I was running low on some of my concealer, and decided to use my gift card and pick some up while I was out and about.

They weren't busy at the store when I arrived, so I asked the girl if she had time to give me a little makeover on my eyes. She was able to right then, and she showed me some really pretty colors and proceeded to give me what she called an "evening look". I loved how it turned out, and purchased some of the colors that she used.

I arrived home. Ricardo was watching Savannah. They were listening to music and she was jumping around like a little maniac. I greeted them, and then we all went outside to play. He wasn't noticing my grand transformation, but this time I really didn't give it much thought.

We ate lunch, and then I decided to give Savannah a bath since I won't be here tonight and wanted to have it done for the day. He came in to help me out, and as I was sitting there, beside the bathtub, I looked up to find him scrutinizing me.

"Hey, did you get your eyes done somewhere?"

Oh, bless his heart, HE NOTICED! I was shocked. I could have hugged him. Forget the fact that I had already been home for two hours before the noticing took place.

"Um..yes....what do you think?"

More scrutinizing. "It's different," he said. Uh-oh. That could mean any variety of things.

"Well, do you like it? Or is it too much? Too dark?"

My husband is ever so tactful. "It think I am just not used to seeing you like that."


"But it really makes your eyes pop. I like it."

Today marks the day that my husband has taken a giant leap forward in the area of perception.

I am still in shock.


Jodie said...

Haha! Great story! And I love a good makeover!!
Also, I know it's usually the men who don't notice anything, but in my house, it's me. *head hung low* My husband has even shaved his beard and I didn't notice! I know, the horror... right? :)
Oh! And I LOVE the title to this post! It is rockin!! :)

Jennifer said...

This is hilarious! My husband is the exact same way! Too funny!