Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Um.....what am I supposed to do?

We just finished watching Brooke's oh-so-emotional exit from American Idol.

The last shot was of her walking away with her back to the crowd, obviously trying to hide the tears that were raining down.

Beyond her the group of boys (and Syesha) stood, shifting uncomfortably.

"Look at those guys," I said, thinking a hug or some show of support might be in order.

"Yup," Ricardo said, "boys just don't know what to do when the tears start flowing."

Truer words have never been spoken.


tirz said...

I was sad to see Brooke go. I liked her even if she was very emotional. I think she's a gorgeous girl ... inside and out. I noticed the "no support" also and wondered about that. My thoughts were that, knowing how honest she is, she probably set boundaries for people to just make sure they know she's married but, then again, she gave Ryan a good ol' hug. Who knows!! By the way ... I love Ryan! He's awesome! Way to go for supporting Paula. He's very aware and intuitive of what's really going on with the contestants and judges. He's quick and he's funny. That's my 5 cents. Oh ya ... and Jason's still there!! Way to go Jason!