Monday, April 07, 2008

If the tag says 6 - 9 probably won't fit.

I had a startling realization yesterday. My baby is actually getting bigger.

Sounds silly, I know, but Savannah has been so small, off-the-charts small, for such a long time. I got to the point where I just assumed she would be at least a year behind in her clothing sizes. When she turned a year old, all of the 12 month clothes that she got for her birthday just hung on her, and I could still get some of her 6 month clothes on her. Last summer when she was 18 mos. she had several 6-9 months dresses that fit her beautifully. And at her 2 year birthday, she was wearing one of the 12 month outfits that she got last year when she turned one. So, recently, when I went through her closet and brought to the forefront all of her pretty summery dresses, I looked at the 6-9 month dresses that she had worn last year, held them up to her,and determined that she could get another summer's use out of them.

This past Sunday was my day to work in the nursery, which means I have to be there earlier than Ricardo. On these days it becomes his job to dress Savannah, comb and "fix" her hair (I use the term "fix" loosely here), and get her presentable for church. I, of course, have her dress, tights, shoes, and hair accessories laid out and ready to go the night before. He is a trooper about it and never complains, and I concentrate on the fact that while her hair may not be adorned properly with one of her many bows, at least the tangles have been combed out.

As I was walking down the nursery hallway, I noticed Ricardo and Savannah coming towards me. She was wearing the dress I had picked out the previous night. I couldn't believe it.....the dress was obviously too tight on her.

"Wow, is that dress a little small?" I asked Ricardo.

"Well, yeah....look at it! I had to make her lay on her tummy just to get it zipped up!"

"What! Why didn't you just pick something else out for her to wear?" I thought I was stating an obvious solution.

""Cause you had that all ready to go, you picked it out, so I thought that's what she should wear." Makes perfect sense to me.

I do believe he has a phobia of venturing in Savannah's closet and being responsible for actual clothing choices for her. This is probably not helped by the fact that I have laughed (more than once) when he actually has picked something out for her, with unfavorable results.

So today I retired that dress along with a couple of other ones. It always makes me sad to put away clothing that has been outgrown, because it means that phase in her life is over, and she will never go back to being that size. Which is a good thing. But sad nontheless. My baby is growing up.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Every time I go thru baby clothes, I pick up each one, look at it, sigh, hug it, then fold it down to put away.

My husband makes fun of me the entire time. They just don't get it.

tirz said...
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tirz said...

I had to laugh reading your blog. Ricardo sounds like Troy when it comes to picking out what the children should wear. I don't think that I can ever whole-heartily trust Troy in getting the children ready for church. The few times I have, I am embarrassed about something they're wearing. Thankfully, Rachel is older now and dresses herself with a good sense of style and knowledge of what matches and doesn't. Isn't it such a bitter sweet feeling seeing your children grow? For one, you are so proud that they are so healthy and strong and growing so well and the next thing, a pang of sadness hits you in your gut when you realize that they'll never be a baby again ... that that stage has gone forever. We always have to make sure to treasure and remember every stage with all our hearts.