Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You can never have too many cute shoes....

My sister flew in from LA this past Saturday to visit for a few days. It's always fun when she comes down, and it's nice to have some family visit since everyone lives so far away. Jamie brought some shoes to wear to church on Sunday that I absolutely loved. She said she got them at Ross recently, and for a really good price, so we went looking for them on Monday.

Not that I need any new shoes. But these shoes? So very cute. And I mentioned very good price, right?

But no luck. I decided that I really, really hate shopping at Ross, because I just can't get into picking through mounds and mounds of things, running my cart over things piled on the floor, and trying to find my size amidst the chaos. Love the prices there, but I always leave feeling out-of-sorts.

Anyway, Jamie left this afternoon, and when I got home, I noticed these on the floor:

Yes, it is the super-cute Nine West wedge shoes that I was coveting! She knew I loved them, and she left her pair for me. How sweet is that? I feel sort of bad, I didn't want her to do that, but.....it certainly will not stop me from wearing them.

So...thank you, Jamie!

I am so excited now that Savannah is old enough to recognize and remember her Auntie Jamie. Jamie was there at Savannah's birth, so she really has seen her grow up from the very beginning. Savannah was showing off her new vocabulary skills this time around, but I'm pretty sure Jamie was only getting about half of it. That two-year-old dialect can be awfully complicated sometimes.

Here is Jamie when Savannah was born....

And here they are again right before she left this afternoon.