Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At least I'll have an excuse for lying on the couch and reading blogs all day....

So guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning?

A. Getting a pedicure .

B. Having a maid come over to clean my house.

C. Getting gum surgery.

If you guessed A or B, you would be absolutely.......wrong. Although goodness knows I desperately need a pedicure, and I can only dream of the maid coming to clean my house.

But unfortunately it is C. Gum Surgery.

About two years ago, my dentist became alarmed and told me that my gums had some serious recession going on, and if I didn't get surgery, I would eventually lose two teeth. Well! That was enough to scare me. When you put it like that, the surgery didn't seem so bad. At the time I was still nursing Savannah, and planned to continue for several more months, so I kept putting it off. Finally, last April, I went in and had it done. I am sort of a baby when it comes to this type of thing; it was definitely uncomfortable, but the pain was manageable, and there was nothing overly scary about it. But I just don't do well knowing that parts of me are being cut into.

I survived, and over the past year, I went in for checkups every few months. Recently, I could tell by the look on the face of my periodontist that things were not looking good. On the right side, everything looks great. On the left side, it looks exactly as it did before the surgery.

So I have to go in tomorrow. Again. To do it all over.

The only bright spots that I see in this? For one, I probably won't be eating too much over the next few days, which can only help in my weight loss quest (which is going quite well....I am on target so far). And there are not many occasions when I can lie on the couch, guilt-free, and not have to worry about Savannah or making dinner or cleaning the house. All of which I had to do today so that I won't worry about it tomorrow. So, it will practically be a mini-vacation. Or so I keep telling myself.

A vacation that I hope I don't ever have to go on again.


IA. said...

Hi there Jackie! For a while there I was wishing you'd say it was either A or B! I myself am very cowardly when it comes to dentists so right now I'm hats off to you for going through that gum surgery. Hope things go well and hope you get to enjoy your mini-vacation in some way!

The Miles Family said...

Oh Wow! I KNOW I'm going to have to have this done at some point. I have nightmares about waking up with my front teeth missing!!!
I didn't know they could do that kind of repair! I thought I would be 30 years old with dentures!

Tracey said...

Sorry....I would rather do any GYNACHOLOGICAL exam on Earth then have any type of Dental work done... I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE DENTIST OR ANYONE RELATED TO HIM....receeding gums...braces...teeth pulled...cavities...UGGHHH!!! I feel for you...God Bless!

Wendi said...

Praying for you... Despite the disagreeable nature of what you will be undergoing, I do hope you can have some nice relaxation.:)

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Hope it's as pain free as possible! I'm terrified of the dentist...and the smell :)

Praying for you today!

Kellie said...

OH My Goodness! I so wish you were off getting a pedi while your amid was cleaning the house!

So sorry you have to go through this! you certainly will deserve some "couch" time!

Hang in there!

Elena said...

Jackie, I hope your surgery went well and you heal up quickly!

Jenn said...

Sorry you have to have surgery again - but enjoy your time on the couch. :o)

Good for you on your weight loss!! I have lost focus a bit but plan to get back on track on Monday.

Saying a prayer for you now.

Genny said...

I saw your A and B and thought "Oh that lucky girl!" I hope your surgery goes well!

Darcie said...

Oh you poor girl. Those multiple dental procedures on the same exact tooth (or gums in your case) seem so unfair. Been there. Done that. You just want to tell them to gosh darn get it right this time so I don't have to do this ever again!

Here's to a speedy recovery. Some smoothies would be easy to get down and somewhat nutritious too!

Becky said...

OH my! I was just in 2 weeks ago for a check up and filling and my dentist noted some recessions, nothing he was concerned about. My husband has lots, really bad! He won't go to the dentist but, I've got to get him there!!!
Hope you are feeling better!
(My dentist said it's mainly caused by brushing too hard, is tha what you've been told?)