Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Never fear, there is absolutely no over-analyzing going on in this post

Last year, Ricardo gave me a gift certificate to a nice spa here in town. I have been holding on to it since then. Savoring it, if you will. He keeps asking me when I'm going to use it; when I first received it, I told him I was waiting until spring, but spring has come and gone, and he's beginning to wonder. The truth is, I am so indecisive that I don't know what spa service I want to use it for. A pedicure? Massage? Facial? New hairstyle? I don't often go to a spa, so it is such a luxury for me and I would hate to "waste" it on something that I am not going to love.

This is akin to the feeling I have every time we go to Sonic. No matter that I have the entire menu memorized, I still have to sit and look and take my time. Because it would be an absolute shame, a pity, I tell ya, to be rushed into ordering something I don't really want.

So anyway, I think I've ruled out the facial. It sounds nice, it really does, and my skin could definitely use some treatment, but I think it needs more like several weeks' worth of treatments as opposed to just a one-time facial. Something heavy duty, like a peel or something equally painful that you see on those makeover shows. Fun.

There's always the pedicure.....and I LOVE pedicures. Something about them makes me feel all fancy and girly and pampered, not to mention that I have really awful feet that could use some TLC. But the pedicure that I want is $75....replete with a wrap, leg massage, the works. Do I really want to spend most of the gift certificate on that?

There is a slight chance that I'm over-thinking this just a tad.

Then there is the matter of the hair style. The layers in my hair have grown out and at the moment I have no style at all. I'm way overdue for a haircut. After talking with my friend and looking through a magazine of short hairstyles, these are the ones that stand out:

Or this (sorry, it's fuzzy):

Or this:

I'm thinking these are all the same basic hair cut, each with its own variation. My hair is naturally curly, so I don't want to look like a poodle if I cut it like this and then leave it curly.

So. I will probably end up going with a pedicure and a massage. Maybe. Oh, and I've never had a massage, so I'm a little nervous about that whole experience. Those of you that get them on a regular basis...what am I in for? Are they really as amazing as I've heard?

Such a dilemma. Tell me, what would you do with it?


The Miles Family said...

I LOVE pedicures... In fact, I think I'll go schedule an appointment as soon as I finish leaving this comment!

Massages... I've only had one and it was in Paraguay, South America. I was on a trip with the School of Business while I was in college. The trip was for class credit so we took classes during the day and had "free time" at night and on the weekends.
I spent my free time (along with several other girls) at the Yacht Club. They had a spa... here's the catch... NONE OF THE SPA EMPLOYEES SPOKE ENGLISH!
The guy doing the massage basically had to physically twist and turn us because we had NO IDEA what he was saying!! :)
All in all... great experience... maybe one day I'll get another one! :)

Irritable Mother said...

On a regular basis? Uh, no. But I have had two or three massages and they were wonderful! (Except during the first one there was a cd playing of sea shore sounds. The sea gulls sounded just like my son crying, and TWICE when I was just on the edge of falling asleep, I almost got up off the table to go check on him. Kind blows the relaxation!)
I have only had two pedicures in my life, but thought they were great, too.
My vote? Massage and/or pedicure!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I've only had 1 massage, but it was great!

Ya know I love a good haircut...all those pics are cute!

Best wishes choosing...I hate those big decisions in life ;)

Tracey said...

I love getting a message! The first one was a little uncomfortable, but my husband was there with me and we were in the same room. I was naked, but they are very professional and you feel like a wet noodle afterwards...make it later in the day so you can just go home and relax and you'll get a great nights sleep after that. I love pedicures and manicures too. If I could get a message every week I would...but I have to suffer poor me and I get one about once a year. Anyway...you'll love it.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say I understand you pain. I went to Sonic last Friday, and just between you and me, I spent the few hours before going there scouring the menu online so I knew FOR SURE exactly what I wanted to order. Definitely didn't want to waste the trip and get something I didn't really want. Because I'm OCD like that.

Secondly, go for the massage! Even better, do they have a hot rocks massage? Those are pure heaven. And I would suggest, like Tracey, that you do it late in the day so you can stay in La-La Land all evening and then just drift off into a lovely night's sleep.

Whatever you choose, though, can a day at the spa really go wasted?! :)

Colored With Memories said...

I'd vote for any of those new 'dos...they are all modified bobs...my favorite!

And then I'd go the pedicure route.

I've only had one massage and it was awful...i hurt for days.

A friend of mine used to get them often and then had a bad experience that left her toes numb for weeks.

That pretty much freaked both of us out!

Wendi said...

Lovely predicaments you have there my friend... :)
The hair cuts are similar to the one I have right now and I have to say it is the easiest and best cut I've ever had. LOVE it! I hope you have a wonderful time what ever you pick. Bring your camera!! :) I want to get in on it too.

Darcie said...

The massage thing is maybe a tad weird if you're uncomfortable with random strangers seeing (most of) your body. I always wear underwear when I go, some people drop everything though. My biggest complaint is that I have to fight to stay awake because it's that relaxing. I would hate to start drooling on the table or something.

Oh, and as for the haircuts. I really like the top one but the others are a tad too Victoria Beckham for me. Because I know you were dying for my opinion.

Genny said...

My humble opinion... GO FOR THE MASSAGE! They are such a treat!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

mamachristina said...

We do overanalyze these things, but by pondering and thinking and dreaming we in a sense have expierienced all these services byy the time we go, because we visualize how great it will feel. I would go for the haircut, your hubby can give you a full body massage, you can soak and paint your own feet but you probably can't give yourself a haircut.
I would go for the middle style if you have curly hair as well. I have curly and this cut would look great either way.

ttm said...

So I say massage! They are wonderful, and most spas have steam rooms and other amenities you can use before if you go early to help relax you, and after if you choose. LIke Tracey said you do feel like a wet noodle, but it's so worth it.
You know I'm a huge fan of pedicures as well. If you want to treat yourself to the Grand daddy of pedicures then go with that.
However, I think I am so anxious to see a new hair cut I would say go with it! Since I just want you to do it all, why don't we be scientific about it, and draw a choice out of a hat!

ttm said...

PS I REALLY like the hair style choices!

Erin K. said...

It's a little scary how much I can relate to this post. In fact, I think you probably stole a half-written post from my "drafts" and finished it up for me.

Except for the gift certificate part. I *definitely* don't have one of those. But if I did, I would be doing the same thing - over-analyzing everything because I want to make the best choice.

And, I'm totally stealing one of those hair styles. All the layers in my hair have also grown out and I am in desperate need of a cut. The one thing stopping me from making an appointment is that, up until now, I didn't know what kind of cut I wanted. So, thank you for helping me out with that!! ;-)

Lisa said...

I don't run into too many people with this problem, but I too have a gift certificate sitting from a birthday 3 years ago. Once its gone, its gone so you don't want to waste this chance by choosing poorly, right?!

I totally understand and the "do" is really cute.

THE ROOST said...

Girl, Go for the massage! The benefits will last for days! I always ask for a female....I feel more comfortable that way....I LOVE the hair style #2. Keep us posted on what you did :>)

Rebekah said...

I would definitely go for the massage! Your hubby obviously wanted to treat you so go for the ultimate treat! Be very open with your masseuse and tell them what you like and don't like, that's the key to a great massage. Personally, I don't like a tough massage and I'll never go for a deep tissue massage! I prefer a Lomi Lomi or hot stone, they are gentle and relaxing and I always feel amazing afterwards! Enjoy!

Alana said...

I'd go for the massage...definitely!!

Jennifer said...

I did the exact same thing, held on to that gift cert. from our anniversary gift.
Anywho, I finally used it for a new cut and hilights which were way cute. But another baby later and I'm just, well, me again. I sort of have that hairstyle you shared pics of, though mine in the back has to be all the same length or it flips this way and that-annoying. Other than that, it's easy to fix.

Oh and I always hide from door knockers. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for making me feel better about myself!! I'm usually not presentable before noon and let's face it, there are too many weirdos in this world and I want to keep my family safe.

Jennifer said...

Oh and kaleytayor's comment cracked me up! I keep a stash of takeout menus in our car, so on the way to a sit-down place, even though I will have time to order, I have to decide beforehand, in the car, what I want. And for drive-thrus, I tell my man to pull up so I can "see the pictures"- the order taker can wait!

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I hope pics of the haircut! :)
Just wanted to tell you I always really appreciate your comments on my posts. Thanks, Jackie! :)