Thursday, June 05, 2008

Battle Scars

See this? On my baby girl's face?

No, it is not the remnants of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Nor did a cat attack her and leave claw marks, which is what our neighbor thought.

She was swinging at the park with Daddy, in the "big girl" swing. Apparently at the ripe old age of 2 1/2 she is too big for the baby swing. She was sailing back and forth when she decided for no apparent reason to let go with one hand. Poor Ricardo....he saw her start to fly off but he wasn't close enough to catch her. She face-planted hard into the wood-chip covered ground. Ricardo stood her up and brushed the wood chips off of her face, and one of them stayed in. It had dug itself into her cheek, and he had to actually yank it out. Ouch. I have been smearing Mederma on it night and day in hopes that it won't leave a permanent scar.

When I was getting her ready for church yesterday evening, I made the mistake of putting a little skirt on her, which exposed her little legs. She has had numerous bumps and bruises recently, and her legs are covered in scratches and scabs and boo-boos. Sure enough, when we walked into church, her nursery teacher looked at her with alarm. People were asking if she had been bitten on her cheek.

Between her banged-up face and her bruised legs, it was quite a sight. I promise, I do not beat my child. Promise.


mamachristina said...

O, how sad. if only we as parents had angel wings. She is so beautiful still.

tirz said...

Shame. Poor little baby. I have such a weak stomach. I always go in to panic mode if anything ever happens to my kids and there's any sign of blood. I'm not kidding. Thankfully, Troy's always been on hand to be the calm and rational one to deal with little mishaps.

The Miles Family said...

At 3 years old, my Chandler was swinging in a "big kid swing". Her daddy was barely pushing her so she asked for a bigger push. He increased the push ever so slightly... how did it turn out? A broken collar bone! :)