Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Parties and Heat Waves

So, with the advent of summer comes a landslide of baby showers, graduations, and birthday parties. We love getting out, seeing everyone and visiting, eating picnic food and cake, and watching a truckload of kids run around and smack pinatas open. And then we love even more getting to come home and crash on the couch for an afternoon nap. Usually Ricardo has eaten so much at the party that I can forego cooking dinner, which is another plus on a toasty summer evening.

Savannah's little friend turned 3 recently, and so we gathered at a park to celebrate on Saturday. I seriously do not think the day could have been any hotter. And I was sitting in the shade the entire day; Savannah was the one racing back and forth under the blazing sun. But somehow the heat never seems to bother you when you're a little kid, so we slathered her with sunscreen, and she ran around, ate too many chips, jumped herself silly in the big Dora bouncer, and scrambled alongside the bigger kids for her share of pinata candy (which I promptly confiscated to be deposited in the "company-only" candy dish at home).

This bouncer was one of the best I have ever seen. Maybe this is the quality you all are used to, but I have never before seen one that had an inflatable staircase and slide inside. Very cool. I was tempted to get in myself.

4 hours later, I couldn't take the heat any longer. I carted an over-tired Savannah out of the bouncer, and we headed for home. Upon entering our house, I said, "Thank you JESUS for real air conditioning."

Most houses around here are equipped with swamp coolers. A swamp cooler is a lovely little invention that is used in dry climates; it basically sucks in the outside air, evaporates something in some way, and then expels the slightly cooled air into the house. Probably not exactly like that, but close enough. I do know that it only works when the air outside is bone-dry, so if we get a smidge of humidity, you can forget about being cool that day. And it only cools the house about 15-20 degrees below what the outside air it, so if it is 100 degrees outside, it's still 80 or more inside.

For years Ricardo moaned and groaned every summer as the temperature would climb higher and higher. He finally had enough, and told me that he didn't care what it cost, he was going to get rid of the swamp cooler and put in an actual refrigerated air unit. I fought him on it, knowing it was going to be expensive to install and expensive to run, and really, the heat, it's not all that terrible, is it? Oh, but apparently it was, because he held firm until I caved. The summer that I was pregnant, we had it installed. And, oh glory. He was so right. We basked in our living room that summer while waves of icy air flowed over us. And the timing was perfect, because the bigger I got, the more I sweltered. The more I sweltered, the more the potential for grumpiness rose. And nobody wanted that. So, it was basically a win-win situation for everyone involved to have the option of glacial temperatures available with the flip of a switch.

You can understand my relief upon entering the house after the heat of the party. You can understand why we immediately put Savannah to bed, blasted the air, and then sunk gratefully onto the couch.

I love summer and all that it brings....the garden flowers and vegetables, the sunscreen and flip-flops, the Popsicles and evening walks, the friends and parties.

And even though it is 98 degrees right now as I type this, I can still joyfully proclaim my love for all things summer. Because I am sitting directly under my AC vent. Which makes me one happy camper.


Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

I'm with ya...praise God for AC!!

Your baby girl is so, so cute!!

Kellie said...

My in-laws still have swamp in their house. On Father's Day when it was 105 outside and 85 inside, I was a little grumpy myself! And I'm not any where near pregnant!

You daughter is beautiful!

THE ROOST said...

I can't imagine life without AC! Like you I love summer but the heat can get to ya!!!

Wendi said...

We have a total of three air-conditioning units in our 80 year old two story farm house. :) LOVE it! :) We are actually getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat this week. It is 9am right now and 57 degrees. Last week we were well into the upper 80s by this time. It's really quite lovely.
By the way - my time management was all off yesterday due to your blog. :) I sat down, allowed myself to be captivated and read a few months worth of your posts. You have a great way with words and I love it! Too bad my floors didn't get cleaned though... Spent too much time here. :)
I love blogs where you really feel the other persons heart in their writing and come away with a feeling that you have just sat down and had a great heart to heart chat with them. :)
So, hello friend! It was a great time.

Tracey said...

I am originally from NH and that place had humidity. Everyone was complaining at work yesterday about the humidity, but I loved it....it's the first day all year I haven't felt freezing and had to wear a coat inside. Ugghh...I would rather be hot then cold. I only run my AC from about 10-4 each day....but for you I'd run it longer....hears to maybe meeting this summer for coffee at Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles. Stay Cool!!!

mamachristina said...

I am wishing to use my ac right now. It is cold in the 50's and the sun is not shining. But I am sure if it was 90 here we would complain. Oh by the way you've been tagged. Just come and visit me at todays post.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I didn't read your post yesterday, or I would have been so jealous!!

Jenn said...

First - I have been meaning to stop by your blog since you left your first comment on my blog. Thank for stopping by!:o)

In Texas all homes have central heating and air - so I understand how much you love yours. With our heat we could not live without it. Yesterday we had a wonderful rain and God cooled down our almost 100degree temps. Todays high is only 89 - so we are heading out for a picnic.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog. It was nice to meet you!

Elena said...

Savannah is such a little doll!

Jenn said...

I found your blog through the Garden Tour on The Preachers Wife Blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts. Your daughter is adorable!

Carolina Mama said...

What fun! My husband's parents have a swamp cooler in Colorado and they love it!

Darcie said...

Sing it sista'! Of course I live smack dab in the desert so AC is really not optional round these parts. It's something to be thankful for though no doubt!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

We are in the "sweltering" heatwave of the 50's in Seattle - Oh yeah, the 50's.

I would LOVE the 90's! But, I lived in Phoenix for 4 years, and boy do I appreciate a real air conditioner!

Kelley said...

OH yes, air conditioning is a MUST. We have a central air unit that is dying a slow & painful death. WE fill it up with refrigerant every year because it leaks so badly but we are not ready for the pain of buying a new unit yet. I am praying the old girl doesn't finally kick the dust on the hottest day of the year. That would be just our luck!!

How is the running going? I ran today and I thought about you. It looks like things are sweet and fun in your world. You have a precious family!!

Talk with you soon,

Lisa said...

We live in an old Victorian house, so whatever is outside is what we get inside. Here in the east the 90-degree days are not very common.

Yeah, kids don't feel the heat (or cold). Amazing!

Jenny said...

Sounds like fun. I'd like a 90 degree day. just one.

We have an A/C but we're too cheap to run it. Come that single 90 degree day, and I'll be there.

Liz :) said...

Hey I'm in NM too and the heat just crept up on us didn't it... First it was too cold and I was complaining now it's too hot and I'm complaining again, but it's a good thing we do have AC in our house or I'd be absolutely nuts.... :) Nice to meet you! :)