Monday, May 05, 2008

Coupons are a beautiful thing

Since the start up of the business, we have really cut back on our budget. That includes what we spend on food...we have trimmed that back as much as possible, which means that we have had to give up some of the more novelty food items, and just focus on getting the essentials. It actually hasn't been too hard.

At least on me.

When we go to the grocery store, Ricardo takes Savannah over to the donut aisle. It's not even the bakery donut section, where the donuts appear to be slightly fresher. No, it is to the Hostess Cupcakes/Little Debbie aisle, where the very air reeks of preservatives and trans fat. And they stand there and look longingly at the boxes of Twinkies, and cakes with sprinkles, and chocolate-covered things. Savannah say, "Ooohhhh...mmmmmm," as Ricardo looks at me and laughs. But he's been very good.....he hasn't purchased one box since our food budget crackdown.

Today I finished clipping out the coupons from the Sunday paper. I try my best to only keep the ones I will use, and that are for things that I already purchase. It's easy to get sucked into buying extra things "just because I have a coupon" so I try really hard to avoid that. After cutting out the few that I wanted, I placed the rest of them back by the newspaper so that Ricardo could throw it all out together.

We were all relaxing in the living room this evening. Ricardo was glancing through the paper again, and he saw the rejected coupons that I had left there.

"Hey! You didn't cut this one out.....White Castle burgers!"

"Um...yeah...that doesn't exactly fall into the category of 'necessity'", I said.

Oh. And then....

"What about this? Pringles...3 cans! We would definitely eat these."

"Ha! You mean I would definitely eat them." He's well aware of my chip weakness.

He just smiled sweetly and said, "Well, you is a part of we. So we would eat them." Sure. Unfortunately the subsequent pounds I would pack on as a result of eating 3 cans of Pringles would only belong to me, so I think I'll pass.

He seemed determined to find a coupon treasure somewhere, and he finally happened upon one for a toothbrush. That made us both happy...he got to clip his coupon, and I was relieved it wasn't for a package of junk food.


Becky said...

HI Jackie! Thanks for popping in to my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I have peeked at yours before too, I think while I was checking out some blogs from CWO Blogroll.
I can relate to this coupon post so much! HA! We've recently started the same thing here! I feel the same way about unnecessarily using coupons b/c they are there! I think many are spending more money b/c of that. My group of friends are crazy CVS shoppers and I kind of feel the same way about some of that!
Have a great day with your beautiful daughter!