Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The vacation where we stayed home

What is it about holiday weekends? Even though we didn't travel anywhere, it was so fun to relax and do things we don't normally get to do.

Like taking Savannah to the closest thing we have to a "beach" here in town. They even call it Tingley Beach, which is truly laughable since it is nothing more than a series of man-made ponds. But when you live in the desert, you take what you can get.

They have a cute little train that runs back and forth from the zoo to Tingley Beach and the botanical gardens, so we took her for a ride. It lasted an hour, which was a little long....I think the highlight was when I broke out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for her. That cheered her up and provided some distraction for a good 15 minutes.

Neither of us have any family that lives close by, so sometimes it can be a little sad during holidays when everyone is getting together with their families to celebrate. But we have the most awesome friends in the world.....different couples will invite us over for every holiday and basically adopt us into their family. For this Memorial Day, our friends Robert and Ana called us up and told us to come over for a cookout.

When we got there, I thought they had invited at least 20 people. They had 3 huge racks of ribs, a pile of steaks, tons of chicken, burgers, hotdogs, a couple of different kinds of potatoes, beans, salad, corn....the table was loaded. And there were only 6 adults. Needless to say, we were stuffed to the gills when we left. So, so good. All diets were certainly out the window for this meal.

So, it feels like we have been on vacation even though we haven't left our house. Funny what a change in your day-to-day routine can do. And....the fun continues! This weekend is our anniversary, so we will be celebrating on Thursday. Before he left his old job, Ricardo's boss gave us a very generous gift certificate to a really nice resort/casino here in town. So, we get to party in style, and best of all....it's free! Can't beat that! We'll have dinner at one of the great restaurants at the resort, and then get a room for the night. And enjoy a big buffet breakfast and swimming in the morning.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


Jennifer said...

Very sweet pictures!
Oh, and have fun on your anniversary getaway!