Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let it Rain

We had a thunderstorm last night. And it was awesome. There are few things I love as much as a really good storm, and I was so excited when I heard the distant rolling thunder getting closer and closer. By the time I finally went to bed, it was increasing in volume, with bright lightning flashing intermittently.

Then it started to drizzle, and oh my word, I was in heaven. I think falling asleep to a light rain is one of life's greatest little pleasures. Growing up in the Midwest, it rained often. The louder the thunder and the closer the lightning, the more it thrilled me. And taking a nap while the rain cascaded down just outside my window? Divine. So when I moved to the desert, it was a huge adjustment living in a place where it usually only rains one month out of the year.

I had just dozed off when a seriously loud explosion of thunder shook the ground. I rolled over to look at the baby monitor, sure that it would light up any second with the announcement that Savannah had been awakened. No surprise, it flashed bright red as she started to cry. I rolled myself out of bed and stumbled to her room to pick her up. She was so freaked out, in that half asleep mode where she didn't know what was going on. Listen, I said. It's raining! It's so nice! Don't be scared...

She has obviously somehow acquired my love of rainstorms, because she stopped crying to listen. I put her in bed between us and she pounced on Ricardo. Dada. Wain. WAIN! It's waining!! See, Dada?

That signaled the end of a peaceful night's sleep for any of us. She was wide awake for at least an hour or two, I sort of lost track of time as I dozed in and out. She sat up at one point and asked for milk. Then for a banana. Ricardo swore he heard her ask for cake, but I think that he was dreaming.

I so hope that she doesn't become afraid of thunderstorms as she grows up. I want her to be in awe of every clap of thunder, of every better-than-fireworks show of lightning. I want her to stand in amazement as she sees God even in the rain.


Colored With Memories said...

It stormed here too last night...thankfully neither of the girls woke up.

I can't say that I share your enthusiasm about storms...but I do love the curiosity it brings in Lily.

When she asks over and over again why it is raining, we always tell her that God must have decided the flowers and animals were thirsty. She loves that.

Jennifer said...

I loved your post! I absolutely love thunderstorms and was never afraid of them as a child. Even dreary rainy days don't bother me, they make me feel very calm.

By the way, thanks for the comment at Taking My Time :)

ttm said...

EJ didn't wake up during the storm, which I couldn't believe, but it was so close here that there was only a second or less between the thunder and lightning, and every time the lightning struck everything in the house cracked, it sounded like the ground was cracking in the back yard. I was a little anxious for it to go.