Saturday, May 17, 2008

They're just PLAY scissors....right?

So, Savannah has this weird fascination with scissors. She is NOT allowed to have them, obviously, but she loves it when I'm using them. She hang around me, apparently hoping that I'll have a change of mind and hand them over to her.

This morning I woke up to the sounds of the ABC song coming from her crib. I tell you, this child definitely got her father's genes when it comes to early morning rising. And it's not even that it's so early by the time she wakes up, it's more that I like to sleep late. Terrible, I know. And not helped by the fact that I stay up waaaaay too late almost every night.

So, I went to get her up. And her first words to me?

"Scissors, Mama! Savannah's scissors!"


Apparently, I made the mistake of leaving her closet door open just a crack last night. It was enough that she could see inside up to the top shelf, where a big bucket of Play-Doh stuff sat. And inside that bucket? A little orange scissors.

Sometimes I wonder how her little mind works. It has literally been months, maybe almost a year, since she played with it. How did she remember it was in there? What little trigger goes off in her mind that says, Hey, I'm pretty sure there's an orange scissors up there, and I have to have it NOW?

So I gave it to her. It seemed safe enough. I mean, they surely wouldn't put anything dangerous in a kids' Play-Doh bucket, right? Then she ran up to me saying, Snip, snip, and jammed it into my arm. Ouch. It's not sharp like a real scissors, but it has that rough plastic edge to it that is not conducive to jamming it into someones' arm.

And it made me think of the time when I was two. My four-year-old sister decided to play barber, and proceeded to cut all my curls off. With a play, not-real, non-sharp scissors.

And oh, the lamenting that commenced after that incident. My mom was not happy, especially since it had taken that long for me to grow what little hair I had.

So I'm re-thinking the orange scissors now. Maybe not such a great idea. I think I'll go hide them back in her closet and hope she forgets about them for another year.


JamieLee said...

Hee hee. I never had a sibling cut my hair but I have a great picture of my mom as a kid with a did-it-herself hair cut... the day before school pictures!

I like the scrapbook page header, too. Thanks for stopping at my blog... come back again soon!

Marci@Finding Joy in the Journey said...

I had a friend once who kept her scissors on the top shelf of a cabinet in her kitchen. She stayed up late one night and at naptime fell asleep on the couch. Her two year old woke up before she did and managed to climb onto the kitchen counter, up into the cabinet and grab the scissors. Mama had no idea the two year old knew where the scissors were... she was graceful, she managed to get safely to the floor. She also managed to snip snip off her Mama's mid back length hair, leaving her with a nice bob when she woke up!

I too stay up way too late most nights, it's my alone time.

My Lily cut her own hair, I admit I cried. Then I took the scissors away for a year! Within two months after getting them back, yeah, she did it again! Then I found "can't cut hair scissors".