Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sometimes, it IS the thought that counts

My first Mothers Day came in May of 2006. Savannah was almost 6 months old.

So, Ricardo.....being a new father and all, he either didn't realize the day was coming, or he didn't know he was supposed to get me a card from Savannah. Either way, the result was this:

Gotta love him....he is nothing if not resourceful. (Read: forgetful).

But you know what? This hastily-scrawled card still sits on my dresser, where I look at it every day and smile. And he wrote some really sweet mushy stuff inside that pretty much makes it the best card I have ever received.

Just goes to show that sometimes the best things in life can't be bought.


Linda said...

Aww. I have saved some too. They do get more and more precious as time goes by. And I should know; a lot of time has now gone by me.

Sheila said...

How sweet. Gotta love those forgetful (or just plain clueless) men! :o) I have one myself!